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Global Lighting Centre Ltd, as its name suggests, is a privately owned lighting concern with a mission to satisfy all the lighting requirements within the building, construction and real estate sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

Incorporated on the 12th of January 1996 as a brainchild of TOP HIGH ELECTRICALS & CONTRACTORS - a leading electrical concern based in Kumasi, - GLOBAL LIGHTING CENTRE LTD seeks to supply and install at the request of its valued customers, top quality lighting fittings and accessories from some of the world's leading manufacturing companies in the industry.

As its corporate philosophy, GLOBAL LIGHTING CENTRE LTD seeks to meet the peculiar needs of its wide range of clients. In this regard, it does not just retail the fittings and accessories but go a step further to offer expert advice to ensure that all lighting fittings supplied meet the perceived needs of our clients.

It is also the policy of GLOBAL LIGHTING CENTRE LTD to work closely with the architects, consultants, engineers as well as all other significant stakeholders on projects to ensure that the total offering adequately satisfies the client's requirements.

Meet our


Global Lighting Centre Ltd. has a rich management team who manage from procurement to customer service. They are forward-looking and great achievers in both individual and corporate capacities.

NANA YAW FRIMPONG Managing Director

He has been adjudged as one of the best Business Executives in Africa by Trade Leaders Club, Madrid and Spain. Trained in Germany by Zumtobel Staff as a lighting consultant after obtaining a certificate in lighting.

He has a very rich experience in managing of companies and good track record of solvency. International company profile (ICP) will attest to this as Global Lighting Centre Ltd. Is listed as a creditworthy company. He has travelled extensively worldwide with rich experience in International Marketing and Trade.

Negotiated for distributorship for eight (8) top European lighting company in Ghana such as Sylvania Lighting (Switzerland), Massive Export (Belgium), Regent International (Switzerland), Tec-mar (Italy), Lombardo (Italy), V-Lux (Belgium) and Thorn – Lux (U.K)

EDWIN FRIMPONG Deputy Managing Director

Edwin Frimpong moved to Ghana from England in 2013. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Manchester.

Since taking up the Deputy Managing Director role, he has carefully studied the market trend, therefore, he orders lighting fittings and accessories that the market demands which is evident in our revenues.

He has conducted an environmental analysis exclusive to Global Lighting Centre Ltd and through that the company has maximized its strengths, minimized its weakness, taken advantage of opportunities and negated threats in the business environment.

His versatility in both administration and marketing has brought value to the business as a whole.


Dorcas Tetteh (Mrs.) is the Accountant of the company. She is responsible for managing all the financial resources of the company.

She holds a BSc. Accounting and Information Systems Degree and also a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG) and completing her MBA.

After joining the company in 2015, she has been able to put up secured systems that are able to manage the company’s stock which is one of the most valued assets of the business as that is what brings the revenue into the business.

In addition to this, she has been able to put up controls to enhance good accounting systems across the branches.

She is a very hardworking person who has gained experience from various industries with a lot of motivation and a great zeal for work.

EVANS KENNEDY ODURO Head Sales & Marketing

Mr Oduro doubles up as the Technical Engineer and Head of Sales, Marketing and Operations.

He holds Electrical Engineering III from City & Guilds, London. He has about 30years experience in Technical Engineering, thus playing a very important role in assisting the company with all the technical expertise related to projects undertaken.

This has enabled the company win a lot of projects in that regard. This includes but not limited to the Bolga Hospital Project, TMG and many more.

His long years of work experience has adequately made him build up extra experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations thus frontier that aspect of the company to ensure that sales targets are met and operations are also carried on effectively.